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FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions


How does oxo-biodegradation work?

Oxo-biodegradation process uses two methods to start the biodegradation. These methods are Photodegradation (UV) and Oxidation. The UV degradation uses UV light to degrade the end product. The oxidation process uses time, and heat to break down the plastic. Both methods reduce the molecular weight of the plastic and allow it to biodegrade.


Can oxo-biodegradable plastic be recycled?

Yes, end products manufactured with our additives can be recycled. The small amount of oxo-biodegradable products in the waste stream dilutes the additive. Most applications using our additives are ones that cannot be recycled, or in areas that don't offer collection and recycling.


What are the end results of the oxo- biodegradation process?

After complete biodegradation the end results would be H20, CO2, and biomass.


Is oxo-biodegradable plastics toxic, or contain heavy metals?

Oxo-biodegradable plastics are non toxic and contain no heavy metals.


Can your additives be processed on regular equipment?

Yes, no major changes in processing conditions Are required.


What processes can your additives be used in?

Our additives can be used in all major plastic manufacturing processes.


What is the recommend loading of your additives into my resin?

Our products can be used in PP, PE, PS, PET, and some other resins. We recommend 1,5% to 5% (optimal 5%) loading of our non-starch additives in films, and thin molded products. For thicker applications please contact us ?.


What are the storage conditions for oxo- biodegradable end products?

We recommend oxo-biodegradable end products be used within 6 months of manufacture. The proper storage conditions would be, dry, protected from UV light and from heat over 110 degrees F. (45 oC)


Can your additives be used in food contact applications?

Our PDQ-H meet the requirements for use in food contact applications.


Where can the end oxo-biodegradable product be tested for degradation?

There are several labs that can test for oxo-biodegradation. Bellamy Poland will conduct testing on end products manufactured with our additives. This testing is also used to determine the most cost effective loading of additive to meet the requirements of the customer.


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